About Stone Wild Quartz & Granite
Counter tops, Kitchen tops , Bath tops, and more.

Family Owned Business

We are a family owned business and are proud to be a part of our community in Billings, Montana.

In addition to Montana, we serve a multi-state area, which includes Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. Our team is more like family to us, and consists of well-rounded, experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in home design and stone fabrication.


Mission Statement- Our Promise to You

Our company is committed to our customers and community.

Delivering the highest quality products and services with unparalleled professionalism is our goal.

We are proud of our core values and believe in them, so we would like to share them with you.

  • Service and our customers come first.
  • Our product knowledge can’t be beat.
  • Be the most reliable and professional countertop company.
  • Use our business to serve our community and the surrounding areas in every way.
  • Provide change in people’s lives in the best way possible while enhancing our clients’ homes and businesses.

Innovative and Superior Countertops

At Stone Wild Quartz & Granite, we offer innovative and aesthetically superior products to our customers, such as our quartz and granite countertops. The quartz and granite stones are extremely strong materials that resists scratches, and repel dirt, liquids, stains and moisture, when properly sealed. The appearance of the elegant quartz or granite countertop installed in your kitchen or bathroom will elevate your home, as well as the home value. We work with the highest quality suppliers to bring you the best stones, offering quartz and granite countertops for the kitchen, bathroom, bar, outside BBQ, fireplace, and more.


Custom Fabrication in Our Machine and Tooling Shop

Custom manufacturing of quartz and granite countertops is done in our tooling shop by experts that can meet any of your residential or commercial needs. Our machine and tooling shop, located in Billings, Montana, can create and shape your selected stone slab to fit your requirements. We have the most efficient, state-of-the-art machines and tools available in our stone shop. Our team of experienced artisans can craft your selected quartz or granite piece into a countertop that exceeds your expectations.